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In the late 1990's I taught a one-day DNS and Sendmail class for SANS called Deploying DNS and Sendmail. However, when SANS switched over to their current "tracked" format early in the new millenium, this pushed out a lot of good one-day courses like mine. While SANS' current format allows us to deliver an incredibly large amount of focused material in a relatively short period of time, it's also a bit of a shame that we lost some of our better "short courses". I really enjoyed teaching the class and students tell me that they got a lot out of it.

Since I wasn't teaching the course regularly, I wasn't very motivated to keep the course up-to-date. Obviously, a lot has happened in the DNS and Sendmail space since the last course update in 2002. Fast forward three or four years, and I was approached by a large company to deliver some updated Sendmail training as part of a major email architecture upgrade they were undertaking. Looking at my existing course notes, I realized that a complete rewrite was in order. I also really wanted to provide some "hands-on" lab exercises as part of the training, rather than just doing a straight "lecture" course. This led to the development of my new two-day Demystifying Sendmail class.

While I'm still more than happy to teach the course as a private tutorial on-site, I find that most organizations don't have enough people needing DNS and Sendmail training to make this worthwhile (economically speaking). So, I'm making the course book available for free. Many people have used this for a self-study manual, and I hope it's useful for you!


Hal Pomeranz
March 28, 2007

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